Want To Become One of The Top 1% of Gym Owners?
 More Clients, More Profit, More Freedom


 Being a Gym Owner Is HARD

Most gym owners get in the fitness industry because they are passionate about helping change people's lives. 

But quickly find out that the pressures and challenges gym owners face are unlike any other business.

Slowly that passion fades as the demands of the business consume your life, leaving you tired, burned out, and questioning how much longer can I do this for? 

The kicker is most gym owners would be better offer working a job in another industry by the time you see what you bring home from your business after taxes. 

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can run a thriving gym, that generates multiple 6 figures in profit, and doesn’t require your soul in return. 

The only thing holding you back is learning and implementing the 6 Core Components that every business must have to thrive. 

Most gyms only have 1-3 in place, which is why they feel tired, burned out, uninspired, and not making the money they could be making. 

Our mentorship will help you implement the 6 core components so that you can have the business you imagined when you first opened it and make more money than most doctors. 

Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Will Learn From Our Mentorship 

  • How To Create a Clear Vision That Energizes Your Team
  • How To Communicate Your Vision So That Your Team Is Fully Engaged
  • How To Become a Self-Aware Leader That People Want To Follow
  • How To Create a "Don't-Want-To-Leave-It" Culture
  • How To Build a Team of Rockstar Coaches That Live Your Mission and Values
  • How To Manage and Lead Your Team To Get Results For Your Clients
  • Get Crystal Clear On Your Ideal Avatar and Attract Them In Your Marketing
  • How To Build Your Marketing Machine So That You Have Leads On Tap
  • How To Create Simple Systems That Are Scalable and Easy-To-Teach
  • How To Provide World-Class Client Experience That Creates Word-Of-Mouth Referrals
  • Truly Understand Your Numbers and How To Influence Them 
  • How To Make More Profit Without Adding More Clients
  • Set Your Business Up Correctly So You Can Sell It For Top Dollar
    (Most Gym Owners Give Their Business Away)
  • How To Ethically and Morally Pay Less Taxes and Create Generational Wealth

When you add it all up what it really means is we will teach you how to build a world class business that you are proud of and pays you what your worth.

They know the value of outside eyes.

Both Matt and Dustin agree that some of their biggest business growth periods was when they worked with a mentor. A neutral third party that can offer in-the-trenches advice.

That's when the magic happens!

That's when you see massive leaps in your business. But you must be coachable and willing to take FAST ACTION to see FAST GROWTH.


Every month we will focus on one of the 6 core components of your business. Some components take multiple months to implement. 

We will do a weekly coaching calls that covers that topic and go in-depth on how we implement these components in our businesses and then guide you on how to apply them into your business. 

We will give you done-for-you resources that took us 30 years to create, saving you years of frustration in trying to create them yourself. Just rip off and duplicate. 

We will also provide you access to our extensive network so you never have to worry about vetting any vendors ever again. 

Give us 90 minutes a week to mentor you and help you apply the 6 core components into your business. Week over week you will feel more energizes, excited, and in control of your business. 

Zoom Calls will be on Thursdays at 2 pm EST and all calls will be recorded and placed in the resource vault if you can't attend live. 

"Fitness Empire Mentorship"...


Your first payment covers you for April and May and then it’s $300 a month starting in June. 

You will get a welcome email providing you access to our resources site, which will have over $100,000 in resources over the next 12 months. 

The formal mentorship training starts May 4th. 

All you need to do is commit to 90 minutes a week to grow your business and become a top 1% gym owner. 


Dustin Bogle

Dustin Bogle is the CEO of Lead The Way Fitness. He was once an overweight teenager and felt the pain of getting bullied. He had low confidence and negative self-talk. One day a friend invited him to the gym and he was instantly hooked. He got inspired to get fit and that lit the fire inside him to help others do the same.

Now Dustin owns multiple fitness facilities in Southern California that specialize in small group training. He's built multiple million dollar facilities over his 11 years of being a Gym Owner and is completely removed from day-to-day operations. Recently he moved to Texas and visits his gyms 2x year. 

Matt Wilber

Matt Wilber is the CEO of Elite Fitness Group which operates multiple Tranzform Fitness locations in West Michigan with annual revenue exceeding $6M. He leads 60 full-time team members who run the daily operations. His unique nutrition system has helped his clients lose over one million pounds.

Matt's passion for helping others transform their lives stems from his own experiences as an overweight child. The pain and struggle of being overweight motivated him to learn everything he could about fitness, nutrition, and behavior change. After graduating with a master's degree in Exercise Physiology and $100,000 in student loan debt, he started his first fitness "business" in 2012 with the goal of helping people change their lives.

After a decade of running his fitness business, he is eager to help others build their empires of income and impact.

Gym Owners, This Mentorship Is For You If...

  • You want to learn from Empire Builders.
  • You want to connect with other Empire Builders.
  • You want to expand your Empire to change more lives.
  • You want to create a legacy and generational wealth for your family.

Gym Owners, This Mentorship Is For You If...

  • You want to learn from Empire Builders.
  • You want to connect with other Empire Builders.
  • You want to expand your Empire to change more lives.
  • You want to create a legacy and generational wealth for your family.

You Can Have a THRIVING Fitness Business

Step #1) Register For Our Mentorship Program 

Step #2) Show Up For Weekly Zoom Calls and Ask Questions 

Step #3) Become a 1% Gym Owner 

This mentorship is worth 10x the investment. 

Ask yourself this....what is the price of inaction?

How will your business suffer if you don't get a mentor?

Are you willing to lose time and money for sitting on the sidelines?

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Join The Fitness Empire Mentorship

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Call with Matt and Dustin
  • Monthly Topic Theme To Create Focus and BIG Change
  • Exclusive Gym Growth Resources
  • Budget Friendly Solution (Under $10/Day)
  • Mentors with 30 Years Combined Experience
  • BONUS #1: Education Tax Write-Off
  • BONUS #2: Access To Vault of Past Calls
  • BONUS #3: Access To Group of Fitness Empire Builders

>> Total Value: $4,595 <<

But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $300/mon


Did you know that continued education and training is a tax deductible write off?

Find more details by looking up this tax section....
Treas. Reg. §1.162-5(a)(1) & Treas. Reg §1.162-5(a)(2) of IRS Code allows you to deduct this expenditure from your taxes.

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